Awardee Students

On the Day of Convocation (24th December, 2018):

Dress code is to be strictly maintained for the Degree Awardees on the day of Convocation:

Male Students:Full sleeve, light colored (white, light blue, light green, light yellow, cream) plain shirt, dark colored full pant and black shoes. [Striped, printed check or dark colored shirts, T-shirts, striped or light colored pants, sandals and chappals are not permitted]

Female Students: Saree of sober color and decent design or salwar kameez with chunni or official attire. [Jeans, T-Shirts, Skirt etc. are not permitted]

  1.  Once the formal ceremony ends, please feel free to make the best use of your time by of taking pictures of your friends and batch mates.
  2. Share your graduation day pictures on social media with a hashtag #gnuconvocation. We love to showcase it. Don’t forget the hashtag #gnuconvocation. You can share your experience and pictures directly with us on also with a hashtag (#gnuconvocation) in subject line.
  3. The ceremony will be followed by Dinner

Guideline for Awardee Students

  •  Reporting time at respective Institute on or before 01.00 p.m. and collect the gown & Dinner Pass
  •  You have to pay Rs. 500.00 /- (Five Hundred Only) as Security Deposit Only (Refundable on return of gown)
  •  Institute counter will be closed by 02:00 pm

You are requested to: 

  •  Be seated in pandal at the Open Air Theater on or before 3:00 p.m. sharp. 
  • Rise and Keep Standing while- 
    1. The Procession enters the convocation Pandal & till the Members of the Procession take their seats
    2. The National Anthem is being played and
    3.  The Procession is leaving the Convocation pandal 

Guideline for GOLD MEDAL Awardee Students

  1.  Reporting time at respective Institute is 10.00 a.m. and collect the gown & Dinner Pass.
  2. You have to pay Rs. 500.00 /- (Five Hundred Only) as Security Deposit Only (Refundable on return of gown).
  3. Confirm your presence for Live Web Cast Interview & a full dress rehearsal at 10.30 a.m. onwards at Rehearsal counter at U. V. Patel College of Engineering, Ganpat Vidyanagar.
  4. Further, note that medal will be issued in person only. Spouse/Parents/Friends will not be permitted to receive the medal in lieu of the Medal winner.